Norm Macdonald's Moth Joke

(Original airdate: 08/31/09) Norm MacDonald talks about taking jokes from his drivers and tells a moth joke.




  • The world sucks without him

    EsotericOccultistEsotericOccultist3 години тому
  • Paul Rudd could’ve played his son. Maybe even Gregor. 😁

    The Albanian LorgThe Albanian Lorg3 години тому
  • I love you Norm

    Monster ManMonster Man3 години тому
  • "yea and if you go there early..."

    Walter LippmannWalter Lippmann3 години тому
  • “Death is a funny thing. Not funny haha, like a Woody Allen movie, but funny strange, like a Woody Allen marriage” - Norm MacDonald

    ₚₗₑₐₛₑ ₕₑₗₚ ₘₑ gₑₜ ₜₒ ₁₀₀ ₛᵤbₛ wᵢₜₕₒᵤₜ ₐₙy ᵥᵢdₑₒₛₚₗₑₐₛₑ ₕₑₗₚ ₘₑ gₑₜ ₜₒ ₁₀₀ ₛᵤbₛ wᵢₜₕₒᵤₜ ₐₙy ᵥᵢdₑₒₛ3 години тому
  • Thank you Team Coco for the remaster.

    Winkie SinclairWinkie Sinclair3 години тому
  • Conan is the perfect foil for Norm

    Walter LippmannWalter Lippmann3 години тому
  • Norms Netflix talk show is the best I've ever seen

    legend Of goodlegend Of good3 години тому
  • I know everyone says the punchline isn't the point of hos jokes, but damn his punchline deliveries were great.

    Dragon's RedDragon's Red3 години тому
  • Goodnight, sweet prince, And may 9/11 airlines fly thee to thy rest

    Ben WolframBen Wolfram3 години тому
  • "my driver tells me a joke"

    Walter LippmannWalter Lippmann3 години тому
  • I was literally crying from this joke….

    fredireckofredirecko3 години тому

  • The Goat, love you Mr. Macdonald. He will be missed forever.

    Nikhil SalviNikhil Salvi3 години тому
  • Anybody else see the people walking around in the background in the glass.

    Jojo Crazy CatJojo Crazy Cat3 години тому
  • Rip norm you a legend 🐐

    Da Smoke MachineDa Smoke Machine3 години тому
  • I never got to meet you alive, but perhaps I'll tell you a joke, someday. -HERETICPRIME

    All Cool Things™All Cool Things™3 години тому
  • I'm literally just finding out Norm has passed and I'm just at a lost for words. I'm really going to miss that man a lot.

    Micro USBMicro USB3 години тому
  • Hi, i wanna get reply... _From_ #PureTuber

    Honor HuHonor Hu3 години тому
  • \ b

    Joseph SealsJoseph Seals3 години тому
    • Dont dis,like it

      John William'sJohn William's3 години тому

      John William'sJohn William's3 години тому
  • A vloger

    Wave 9Wave 93 години тому
  • Like and share

    Wave 9Wave 93 години тому
  • his shoes are the real punch line

    dannooooooodannooooooo3 години тому
    • Dont dis,like it

      John William'sJohn William's3 години тому

      John William'sJohn William's3 години тому
  • We are all the moth!

    astrofish83 fishastrofish83 fish3 години тому
  • Rest in peace buddy

    Dustin RicksDustin Ricks3 години тому
  • I’m so glad people are revisiting this

    votekyle3000votekyle30003 години тому
  • Conan WITH Norm was always one of my favorite pairings. Norm is brilliant and Conan always played along perfectly. Laurel and Hardy tier chemistry. Gonna miss Norm.

    AaronAaron3 години тому
  • 4:15 You know perfectly that Conan is still processing and barely hanging on, and when Norm says "What" he just let it go. What a Beautiful Guy. RIP Norm.

    Gustavo SaliolaGustavo Saliola3 години тому

    Aiden AlessiAiden Alessi3 години тому
  • Jokes like his...will never come again...damn...this sucks

    JayTeeJayTee4 години тому
  • A 500 page book could be written about this joke. Miss you Normie

    bluekeybobluekeybo4 години тому
  • RIP Norm you where the greatest thanks so much for all the laughs!!!! You will be greatly missed.

    Brian YoderBrian Yoder4 години тому
  • If your a woke liberal get outta here just a few months ago yall were trying to cancel this man. God rest Norm, a devoted man of faith, which most don't know.

    Wyatt JacobsonWyatt Jacobson4 години тому
  • … The Aristocrats! *snaps*

    Brett GolbertBrett Golbert4 години тому
  • RIP 😢💗

    toadile etoadile e4 години тому
  • Conan was really annoying during that whole interview.

    Stuart WestgateStuart Westgate4 години тому
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    ayush guptaayush gupta4 години тому
  • Can't believe he's gone We really lost a good one

    Vlogging On The RoadVlogging On The Road4 години тому
  • Love that man

    kdoeonekdoeone4 години тому
  • 6 and a half minutes? this is a 38 minute masterpiece, c'mon. Who's editing these?

    The Inappropriate RidiculumThe Inappropriate Ridiculum4 години тому
  • ❤️

    BenBen4 години тому
  • Say hi to patrice for me bud, never met u guys but I love u 2

    LoopeLoope4 години тому
  • You can tell he's read a Dostoyevsky book recently

    Obama O'ReillyObama O'Reilly4 години тому
  • Conan: "at the Improv in Irvine, California.." Norm interrupts: ......"if you get there early................" Conan: ......................pause.....and.....waits....... ........ Norm strikes again! LOL

    wydryflywydryfly4 години тому
  • I just love him. It's just such a shame :-(

    Jon R.Jon R.4 години тому
  • Even when the punchlines don’t land, the delivery does. Always. What an absolute legend.

    AdamMS1384AdamMS13844 години тому
  • So happy to see this #1 on trending. When my sons born in a few days, one day, I’ll show him the funniest comedian that ever lived.

    Micah B.Micah B.4 години тому
  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    James L NYJames L NY4 години тому
  • The best

    JakeJake4 години тому
  • Thank you for the high res of this. Seeing Norm's and Conan's slight facial expressions really adds to it.

    evanshallevanshall4 години тому
  • Norm was truly the best. So damn funny. 😢

    Anthony R. Garrett Sr.Anthony R. Garrett Sr.4 години тому
  • That was the cleaner darker version of the aristocrats joke

    absolut_height_advantageabsolut_height_advantage4 години тому
  • Awful performance, is he on coke or what?

    Diego LopesDiego Lopes4 години тому
  • Norm is a silly goose. Rare you meet a fellow such as he.

    Nick KNick K4 години тому
  • We will all miss you Norm, obviously I will much more

    Señoritas Top'sSeñoritas Top's4 години тому
  • Ralphs is also a good place for ideas.

    Gabe's 3D VideosGabe's 3D Videos4 години тому
  • Will be greatly missed; thank you Norm for all the laughter

    Kyle GeldartKyle Geldart4 години тому
  • Criminally underrated

    Jake GJake G4 години тому
  • Is No talent Andy now say he’s a fan of Norm ?

    Red FescueRed Fescue4 години тому
  • Siganme

    Elvis16Elvis164 години тому
  • Siganme

    Elvis16Elvis164 години тому
  • Siganme

    Elvis16Elvis164 години тому
  • For the un-initiated, norm was very deep into Russian literature. That's where these names he makes up come from

    discgolfinrudediscgolfinrude4 години тому
  • This made me laugh lmao it was worth it after all

    Cheese BallCheese Ball5 годин тому
  • Crying. Miss that old chunk of coal already

    discgolfinrudediscgolfinrude5 годин тому
  • That look in his eye reminds me of Andy Kaufman Specially the way he stares blankly out into space like he’s thinking up his next line

    Michael SlaterMichael Slater5 годин тому
  • 4:14 That "what" got such a genuine laugh from Conan XD

    PlasmaBoom CompilationsPlasmaBoom Compilations5 годин тому
  • It brings me great joy that this has been number one on trending for two days straight. The man deserves the praise.

    Josh Suarez ComedyJosh Suarez Comedy5 годин тому
  • I saw him live in Seattle in 2020.. it was legendary. I miss you Norm.

    zeft loves catszeft loves cats5 годин тому
  • I can’t believe I just saw this for the first time right now and I wasn’t expecting to be crying from laughter watching it

    Troy StreetTroy Street5 годин тому
  • Had to pause this multiple times to keep from crying/puking laughter. Man was a legend- a great the greats will look up to forever. RIP

    Jared RandallJared Randall5 годин тому
  • I'm autistic and I didn't even realize what this joke meant until minute 5 where Conan gets pissed at him for not getting to the point lmao.

    Lila ELila E5 годин тому
  • Deep laugh. Thanks Norm!

    William BeckWilliam Beck5 годин тому
  • R.I.P Norm, you'll always be 9 out of 11

    (Peace&Love)☮(Peace&Love)☮5 годин тому
  • So good, man he was unique

  • You will be missed Norm

    Benjamin GoodmanBenjamin Goodman5 годин тому
  • I’ve always loved Norm. It’s strange to genuinely laugh, uncontrollably laugh and feel surprised. I was just watching and now I’m laughing and can’t explain it. That’s comedy genius

    J AJ A5 годин тому
  • Norm: Your favorite comics comic. R.I.P. 😑

    St. AlbansSt. Albans5 годин тому
  • "yeah, if you go there early -" conan cautiously waiting for him to finihs LMAOOOOOOOOO

    Jason AlvarezJason Alvarez5 годин тому
  • We’ll miss you Norm! You were truly one of a kind.

    MichaelMichael5 годин тому
  • Perhaps the single greatest moment in late night history.

    DDD SDFDDD SDF5 годин тому
  • RIP Funbucket from "Jack and Jill" 😢

    P. Tero DactylP. Tero Dactyl5 годин тому
  • You are going to be missed norm

    孤独Solitudeएकान्तता孤独Solitudeएकान्तता5 годин тому
  • Sucks now that he passed he got all eyes on him. People should had appreciated him more when he was alive. Real fans salute to u guys for sticking around even when he wasn't in the limelight RIP Norm MacDonald aka Turd Ferguson✨🤍🙏🏻🕊️

    Thurman MermanThurman Merman5 годин тому
  • Is Norm the moth or am I reading too much in to this?. I think I seen him tear up a bit. Maybe we’re all the moth.

    Andrew SocoAndrew Soco5 годин тому
  • True story: I've told the moth joke in a job interview and surprisingly got the job RIP legend

    WeirdKidMoeWeirdKidMoe5 годин тому
  • I was just saying a few days ago I thought he was overrated. Man, do I feel dumb now. After watching this I had tears I was laughing so hard. I never understood you or really appreciated you until now, Norm.

    Zach ThompsonZach Thompson5 годин тому
  • Albert Fish was real jerk.

    AlexDroog71AlexDroog715 годин тому
  • Its in his name folks, he is not the Norm. RIP…

    HIGHz RollAzHIGHz RollAz5 годин тому
  • Rest in peace,Norm. In the arms of Jesus. They’ll never be another to take your place. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

    Vigilant of StendarrVigilant of Stendarr5 годин тому
  • Now he's telling OJ jokes to Nicole Brown Simpson? Probably.

    Bob LobblawBob Lobblaw5 годин тому
  • #1 on TRENDING! Norm deserves it

    Raúl DJVPRaúl DJVP5 годин тому
  • I come here to listen to the moth joke......and find out he's dead. Well....that's not funny. That's not funny at all. wtf. A huge loss.

    Bob LobblawBob Lobblaw5 годин тому

    Chai MungaChai Munga5 годин тому
  • Greatest of all time!!!! 🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐

    VannaWhites BabbyDaddyVannaWhites BabbyDaddy6 годин тому
  • RIP

    Gr BydGr Byd6 годин тому
  • This was wonderful, gonna miss ya norm.

    Anthony PAnthony P6 годин тому
  • he drove with my dad one time in 2002 loool

    Geoff DilkesGeoff Dilkes6 годин тому
  • My favorite comic of all time. When people die a lot of people say there will never be another like them. That could never be more true with norm. A true genius and one of a kind. Thanks man, you have made dark times a lot lighter.

    Nick MorelliNick Morelli6 годин тому