Mega Knight Pekka Deck - ClashwithShane
Clash Royale Mega Knight Deck with Pekka Deck for Legendary Arena 13 on Ladder with Mega Knight Deck in Clash Royale 2021.

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  • Pekka, Graveyard, poison, barb barrel, knight, baby dragon, electro wizard, bomb tower. PLZ REVIEW THIS DECK i push 6200 with this deck

    Mitul GuptaMitul Gupta6 днів тому
  • Two tanks and balloon freeze? Seriously? This deck is so toxic 😥

    SM VainSM Vain13 днів тому
  • I can promise you I stomp these decks still isn't impressed

    Shawn TiravantiShawn Tiravanti16 днів тому
  • None of your decks works for me shane

    Jorunn MoenJorunn Moen17 днів тому
  • 7:48 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈

    emm come mi chiamo non ricordoemm come mi chiamo non ricordo19 днів тому
  • Can I put something instead of mother witch

    Leonardo GarasicLeonardo Garasic21 день тому
  • I don’t have the mother witch. Can it be swamped out for a regular witch?

    Jalon BriscoeJalon Briscoe21 день тому
  • I have been running mega knight pekka for 2-3 years what are you talking about new

    Blake ShamblinBlake Shamblin22 дні тому
    • My deck is witch, spear gobs, zap, lumberjack, pekka, mini pekka, log, and mega knight

      Blake ShamblinBlake Shamblin22 дні тому
  • Cringe

    Michael HernandezMichael Hernandez27 днів тому
  • Mother witch is trash. No matter how much they pay you

    Brian KappelBrian Kappel27 днів тому
  • nice video

    Michu_CRMichu_CR28 днів тому
  • Why should yous because that just makes you get more money.\

    Big Mason45Big Mason4528 днів тому
  • I’m sick

    Big Mason45Big Mason4528 днів тому
  • If u didn’t know that ice wizard 🧙‍♂️ is sayin kylmä wich means in finnish cold😂

    シKonnuシKonnu29 днів тому
  • if u play this deck, youre gay

    lass eslass es29 днів тому
  • I just love how much effort Shane puts in on the editing its amazing. I hope you never stop posting

    7ixcy7ixcyМісяць тому
  • I don’t have the mother witch, what should I replace it with

    The FatherThe FatherМісяць тому
  • You played against vinay sharma in the first battle

    Yinokon DragonYinokon DragonМісяць тому
  • Inferno dragon: Allow me to introduce myself.

    FNF GangFNF GangМісяць тому
    • @Gideon CS I know that very well brother

      Bir GorkheBir Gorkhe25 днів тому
    • Rofl

      Gavin broGavin bro25 днів тому
    • @Bir Gorkhe Back then it was a pretty big deal

      Gideon CSGideon CS28 днів тому
    • @Gideon CS i think hitting the 4k is very easy now.. I can hit it with arena 1 deck

      Bir GorkheBir Gorkhe29 днів тому
    • Bring e wiz or e drag, NEVER use zappies its so easy to counter, trust me i have played mk and pekka since i got 4k+ trophies

      Gideon CSGideon CS29 днів тому
  • Ive been doing pekka mk since mk came out

    Homero DominguezHomero DominguezМісяць тому
  • Everything is stripted

    Omkar AusareOmkar AusareМісяць тому
  • this is the reason the game is un playable I hate you

    SwankySwankyМісяць тому
  • Isee flash 🤣🤣😂

    مهدی دادامهدی داداМісяць тому
  • This is stuff we see on ladder all the time!

    TheElementalNiteTheElementalNiteМісяць тому
  • ukdownload.info/link/tdWxZs6Bw6VyfHo/v-deo.html

  • Awesome vid

    Sarah DiazSarah DiazМісяць тому
  • They moved the arena of rage a bit ago so I went on my old account and instantly got from 1,6k trophies to 4K 😝

    THEREAPER 8793THEREAPER 8793Місяць тому
  • this was my brothers load out like a month after the mega knight was released

    haynslimshadyhaynslimshadyМісяць тому
    • @DaBossOfDaDis 1 okay? we know

      haynslimshadyhaynslimshady21 день тому
    • Its not call of duty

      DaBossOfDaDis 1DaBossOfDaDis 121 день тому
  • Shane you should show us the ULTIMATE MK PEKKA deck. One to rule them all. The destroyer of all decks 👀

    Puglife Clash RoyalePuglife Clash RoyaleМісяць тому
  • Mega knight+PEKKA is insane till infernal tower cames

    R1NNEGANR1NNEGANМісяць тому
  • Imagine how much harder the game would be if every game was legendary....

    Hudson RossiHudson RossiМісяць тому

    kunaal sharmakunaal sharmaМісяць тому
  • Awesome vid wish mine was as good as yours!

    WarboozeWarboozeМісяць тому
  • You should use ice wiz, bowler, inferno drag, with rocket, poison, tornado, skeletons, and log and it steam rolls ppl🤣

    Ian PadillaIan PadillaМісяць тому
  • I use Sparky+Mega+Pekka, my enemies always leave.

    Just one more (PES 2017 - Julio)Just one more (PES 2017 - Julio)Місяць тому
  • What a crazy deck, I myself am not skilled enough to run something like this. Shane is actually a great player.

    Mat ReimerMat ReimerМісяць тому
  • The game is so rigded nowadays. Elixir boost so much for opponents

    Mak SedcvMak SedcvМісяць тому
  • Love these vids

    John Alexander KnoxJohn Alexander KnoxМісяць тому
  • so much skill😑

    diggy playzdiggy playzМісяць тому
  • Allo

    Sylvie LabelleSylvie LabelleМісяць тому
  • do you want to like hangout or something because your like hot

    Arvid Bergman (tkeY)Arvid Bergman (tkeY)Місяць тому
  • Bruh what is this deck you’re showing.

    AKS ComebackAKS ComebackМісяць тому
  • I don’t think that was Barry Allen

    Kelsi KingKelsi KingМісяць тому
  • Mega night is soo gay pls don’t make vids about him. I can’t use him or else I’m cheap and other ppl can’t win without him

    Its_ BradIts_ BradМісяць тому
  • The flash is the most 🔥 show ever!!

    Baddad939Baddad939Місяць тому
  • He didn't say to use code shane🤣🤣

    Titus PaulTitus PaulМісяць тому
  • Yooooooo I c ya. In Shane strats bro ツ

    DSkys DLimitDSkys DLimitМісяць тому
  • Shane I think u messed up your title, it supposed to be " inshane" not "insane

    Mr -_- SlayerMr -_- SlayerМісяць тому
  • Bruh inferno Dragon is offended

    Noobie GamingNoobie GamingМісяць тому
  • The flash is the best show broski!

    SpeedyBasket 5SpeedyBasket 5Місяць тому
  • Drop me some suggestions for Arena 8. I’m currently running Prince, hog rider, baby dragon, arrows, skeleton army, hunter, wizard, and barbarian barrel. I also have 4 legendaries (Archer, Bandit, Dark Witch and Princess)

    ScoopScoopМісяць тому
  • Great deck! Just lost 15 games in a row 👍🏻

    The Artful RogersThe Artful RogersМісяць тому
    • Ur just bad

      MakololMakolol4 дні тому
    • F

      Pratham JainPratham Jain9 днів тому
  • Can i replace the mother which with another card since i dont have it?

    serbianwarrior48serbianwarrior48Місяць тому
  • Pin this comment for no reason

  • Can we calm down on the unnecessary edits that interrupt the match? :/ I’m down for fancy edits but I don’t want to see a little cutscene of a MK smashing something right when you place him :/ I just want to watch the match and listen to the commentary

    LightenLightenМісяць тому
    • @CLASHwithSHANE | Clash Royale

      LightenLightenМісяць тому
    • Appreciate the feedback, will pass it along to my editor 👍

      CLASHwithSHANE | Clash RoyaleCLASHwithSHANE | Clash RoyaleМісяць тому
  • Try the P. E. K. K. A and with the Exucutuner behind him, i have No idea how to erite the last one

    MeliodasMeliodasМісяць тому
  • Yo Shane I watch the flash 😊

    Lincoln NazarchukLincoln NazarchukМісяць тому
  • Love the lil memes in between the vids!!!

    MoFoChezCakeMoFoChezCakeМісяць тому
  • Shane u nab saus what do u use for the tournament

    bader jbader jМісяць тому
  • Plz Shane can u do PEKKA,wizard,knight, loon,rage,e wiz,arrows,skeleton army ...i really wanna see how good or bad my deck is

  • 4:45 - Mother witch assists in the destruction of the Mega Knight XD

    TechnoGuy GameGodTechnoGuy GameGodМісяць тому
  • I been using this deck for 2 months but mine is 3.8 e

    BAstr8BAstr8Місяць тому
  • Bruh another noob deck lol 😂 now theres gonna be so many of them dam mega knight noob card and so is pekka

    MoneymayweatherfanMoneymayweatherfanМісяць тому
  • Your clan

  • How do i join

  • I’d rather use Sparky. Nothing will ever stop me from using sparky in every deck I ever make other than meme decks I specifically make to clone mirror cycle one specific card.

    William SheridanWilliam SheridanМісяць тому
  • 20:24 that poor hog rider :(

    JveooJveooМісяць тому
  • Plzzzzz upgrade the mega knight to star level plzzzz

    The LegendThe LegendМісяць тому
  • Dang how do you play the same guy twice

    Andre LuAndre LuМісяць тому
  • Not just the pekka, Vinay's OP ice spirit also finished off the balloon at the end!

    Andrew RodriguezAndrew RodriguezМісяць тому
  • all fun and games till ur average elixir hits more than 4.2

    Kyle RamdhanieKyle RamdhanieМісяць тому
  • Yes I watch the flash but the newest season seems to b going downhill a bit which is a bummer..

    Dwayne ForrestDwayne ForrestМісяць тому
  • Plz play the wold tournament and show it to us play an interesting deck

    Δημήτρης ΡάπτηςΔημήτρης ΡάπτηςМісяць тому
  • Shane really gets too offended by the chicken emote... 😂😂 Observed it multiple times... 😀

    Aftab DallaAftab DallaМісяць тому
  • I think you always put mother witch in all of you new decks 🤔

    Raadhiy Zaidaan SantosoRaadhiy Zaidaan SantosoМісяць тому
    • She is one of the strongest cards in the game

      CLASHwithSHANE | Clash RoyaleCLASHwithSHANE | Clash RoyaleМісяць тому
  • Ballon freeze is so toxic. Freeze broken=0 skill

    Riley BurkeRiley BurkeМісяць тому
  • Shane has become mid ladder in a nutshell

    MrChickenRoyaleMrChickenRoyaleМісяць тому
  • Exactly Shane! lol. I love flash, no hate to him, but he needs to stop saying he's the fastest man alive because he gets a beating every episode 😅. So glad someone else watches flash.

    Jay SweeneyJay SweeneyМісяць тому
  • With the freeze in it its actually more disgusting🔥😯

    Shurandy MartinaShurandy MartinaМісяць тому
  • Who came up with sad panda? Sir tag?

    Impractical Jokers FanImpractical Jokers FanМісяць тому
  • I didn’t see a single elite Barbarian

    Chanh John NguyenChanh John NguyenМісяць тому
  • can u buy me a new bike shane??

    no uno uМісяць тому
  • Shane exposed the flash

    Brennan SiniftBrennan SiniftМісяць тому
  • Dude stop using new meta this meta of mega and peaka is pretty old

    dying is gaydying is gayМісяць тому
  • How many mega knight + pekka decks are going to be the new meta lmao

    n6xtalgiczn6xtalgiczМісяць тому
  • Shane well played🔥🔥🔥🔥

    KārlisKārlisМісяць тому
  • Pekka vs Ice spirit! Who wins? It turns out that Ice spirit beats Pekka!!! LOL

    Ph1l1pPh1l1pМісяць тому
  • Shane I’m sorry but your editor is just not it bro

    blxxyTV LIVEblxxyTV LIVEМісяць тому
    • @OnJahGaming the intro part is okay but all the other edits are awful

      blxxyTV LIVEblxxyTV LIVEМісяць тому
    • I think his editor is great

      OnJahGamingOnJahGamingМісяць тому
  • I can't play with this deck since supercell makes it impossible to grind. So ill play with my 5 year deck

    Pablo AbraldesPablo AbraldesМісяць тому
  • Absolut truth! Barry Allen, the fastest man alive, gets punched by literally everyone

    Soldado 943Soldado 943Місяць тому
  • my only problem with clash rn is that you can literally put all the best of your fav cards in a deck snd do good. i'll be running a skillful well thought out put together deck snd just lose to someone who had mega knight pekka royal giant elite barbarians deck. it's not fun. it seems like there's little to no skill needed to win anymore. just put good cards in your deck and run a dam near 6.0 elixr deck and just win bc youre level 13 and use the best cards. idk maybe I just suck. shane is different though. because i've seen enough of his videos and decks to know he actually has SKILL. so he can legit just do good with just about any deck.

    forrnxforrnxМісяць тому
  • 0:55 the way he prnounces these names🤣

    Harsh TiwariHarsh TiwariМісяць тому
  • Poor Vinay Sharma had to loose twice to Shane He pretty Sad Panda

    praveen pspraveen psМісяць тому
    • Oh.

      LeoVidsLeoVidsМісяць тому
    • Yes, a young woman who came to known to the world as "Nirbhaya" , the fearless one was gang-raped by him so savagely that she died a fortnight later 😞😭

      praveen pspraveen psМісяць тому
    • 17:41 Do you know who that guy in the photo is?

      LeoVidsLeoVidsМісяць тому
  • The Flash is the best! Good gameplay once again brother!

    Caucasian JakeCaucasian JakeМісяць тому
  • lol I watch the flash and I know EXACTLY what you're talking about.

    Necromancer14Necromancer14Місяць тому
  • For me, tornado is a must in a pekka deck

    AlexBlueMajorAlexBlueMajorМісяць тому
  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    L SL SМісяць тому
  • 10:24 Shall I call you *Mista* ?

  • Shane plz tell if this is good deck Pekka, mega knight, mini pekka, wiz, ele wiz, zap, arrows and bats. Use this deck and plz tell if it is good or bad deck.

    Rahul Bekal RRahul Bekal RМісяць тому
  • i’m pretty sure everyone calls that card the fish boy 😂😂

    nathan caseynathan caseyМісяць тому